Often times, our clients live in high demand neighborhoods, where property values continue to rise at a steady pace.

It doesn’t make sense to move from the place that you have established, but because of a growing family, you don’t have the room that you once did. This is the right scenario for an addition to your home. Do you have a 3/2, but need a 4/3. You can a proper master suite. Perhaps the common spaces were designed in a time where open space and feel wasn’t important. Then perhaps a game room is the answer.

Whatever the reason for needing more space, Dallas Grant Construction is experienced and capable in the art of additions. Particularly with additions, the need for proper design and forethought are a necessity. As unromantic as it may sound, when we finish with an addition, it is our hope that the change isn’t noticeable to passersby. We pride ourselves on total integration of the new space, so that it appears that it was a part of the original construction.